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High Technology Esthetic Center since 1988.

Esthetic Center since 1988

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PRESENTACION abec Belleza Integral
We are an integral beauty esthetic center conceived in order to offer you the highest quality service with a careful attention, the newest international technology and the excellent qualification of the personnel that will assist you.


abec joins the major amount of services that you could find, in a same physical space. From a mere manicure to a cosmetic lifting, solving the esthetic demands of the modern woman in reasonable times without having to mobilize, in order to obtain the benefits of the assorted esthetic treatments.
abec, provides you besides its services, an oasis of peace, and relaxation.
abec,offer a diagnose of your complexion, tip of the products and appropriate treatments that you could need, also with our novel equip: IDROCONTROL we can determine scientifically your SKIN hydration level.



9.00  a 18.00  (Mon - Fry)


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